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Rich Rod: Our QB has to be a point guard that can shoot the 3

ESPN’s Colin Cowherd took his show to Ann Arbor today. Sports Nation also broadcasted LIVE from the Michigan campus. There’s a lot of excitement on campus.

This afternoon, Rich Rodriguez talked about his team on ESPN Radio with Doug Gottlieb.

Rich Rod said, “We are a young team in certain areas. We learned some lessons last weekend (42-37 win over UMASS). Our focus and prep was really good. I was a little bit surprised about how we played. We have to learn if things aren’t going well in the game, you have to forget the last play and move on.” 

“I showed some frustration yesterday in practice. There are some things that are going to take a year or two, but I love the attitude of the team. They come to work every day.” 

“It’s been kind of a process. It’s been painful for us and our players. It’s going to happen. It’s just a matter of when.”

(on concerns about the defense) “We have to learn from our experiences. That’s what I’ve asked our defense to do. You don’t what to dwell on it, but learn from it. Don’t play on your heels.” 

“Our quarterback has to be a point guard that can shoot the 3. Denard’s been executing pretty well, but he’s going to get a lot of attention paid to him.”

Michigan hosts Bowling Green on Saturday. Kick-off is set for 12:00 pm EST on ESPN 2. You can see the entire Week #4 TV Schedule right here.