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Rich Rod says, "That stuff is so overrated." Zook compliments coordinators

Rich Rodriguez reaction upon hearing Denard Robinson gave a fiery post-game locker room talk to team after loss to Michigan State: "That stuff is so overrated. What are they going to do? Try harder? I wasn't in the locker room, but it doesn't surprise me because Denard is a competitor and he's taking more ownership of the team."

"We've got to have a couple really good recruiting classes to address our needs. We're in a situation where we're playing those guys now - ready or not.”

Ron Zook compliments Paul Petrino and Vic Koenning: “Our players have really bought into our coaches. Both are doing the things that our players do best.”

“Paul (Petrino) is about winning, period. I talked about how our coaches are doing the things that our players do best. Right now, we are running the football pretty well. That’s what we are doing.”

“A lot of things are different, but probably the biggest (change) is everyone is playing together.”

(on facing Michigan State) “We told our team to expect a big bar fight. They are a physical team.”

Bobby Petrino talks about his brother Paul Petrino: “I really miss Paul. Always has a tremendous amount of energy and enthusiasm, and the amount of discipline he brings to the players is really special.”

“He interviewed for a number of head coaching jobs the last few years and it always came down to, ‘Well, your brother is the one that calls the plays,” so he decided he needed to go call plays.”

(on concern against Auburn) “We need to do a better job of scoring points. We done a nice job with yards, but we do need to go score a lot more points.” 

Quoting Houston Nutt: “I’ve seen team that play Coach Saban and Alabama, and it’s over before it starts, if you know what I mean.”