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Rich Rod: Some plays they (QBs) look like it's their first snap ever

Rich Rodriguez didn't seem too pleased with his quarterbacks during Monday's press conference.

A disappointed Rodriguez stated, “Wide-open (at quarterback). Same as it was eight practices ago. A few plays boy they get it, a few plays boy we got to play better. Some plays the look like they’ve play before, some plays they look like it’s their first snap ever. All three aren’t playing to the level I want.”

“There is still not a clear cut leader at that position (running back). It’s probably as wide open as any position. I hope we get at least 2 or 3 guys that emerge. As we get into this week, a couple of 2-a-days, and some physical practices, I think we'll find out.”

“I think we have more guys that have experience certainly. The level of play has to get better. Just because you have experience doesn’t mean you’re going to be better unless you got better over the last off-season and during these practices. They key for us is that they get better. So far in camp it’s been solid, but not good enough yet.” 

“I’ve been pleased with that (special teams) so far.”

“We haven’t discussed the #1 jersey in about, I guess, almost two years now. It’s not retired, but I guess semi-retired at the moment.”