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Rich Rod thinks huddles are "the biggest waste of time in football"

In one corner sit Nick Saban and Bret Bielema, arguing that the no-huddle offense has changed football into something it's not, that it's no fair for defenses and not safe for players. In the other corner sits, well, just about everybody else.

Appearing on College Football Live Thursday afternoon, Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez was asked his thoughts on the issue. As the head coach of a team that snapped the ball 83 times per game, and a patron saint of the zone read, Rodriguez not only predictably defended up-temp offenses, to borrow a basketball phrase, he swatted the opposition's reasoning out to half court. 

"Not at all. If you're in shape, you still have time to substitute," said Rodriguez. "With all these timeouts and stoppages for play. You have three-minute timeouts in every quarter for TV. I don't see that at all. Some basketball teams play up-tempo and fast break all the time, they don't talk about that being an issue.

"I'd like to have less stoppages and play faster. You talk about entertainment and fun to watch, I think we're fun to watch when we're playing. I don't know how much fun it is to watch a huddle. That's the biggest waste of time in football. I think from an excitement standpoint and the players, I think they like to play."

There's no telling where this issue is headed, if it is indeed going anywhere at all, but here's thinking Rich Rod and co. will come down on the right side of history here. 

(H/T @EyeOnCFB)