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Rich Rod tweets about "the main thing"

Here at FootballScoop headquarters, as we are awaiting kick-off to the 2010 NFL season, we decided to check out the FootballScoop Twitter Center to see what the head coaches around the country are tweeting today.

We noticed Rich Rod's tweet at just before 1 pm EST, which said, "Yesterday was a great victory for all of the Michigan fans We have to continue making the Main thing being the Main thing."

We're not sure what "The Main thing" is, but we're pretty sure Rich Rod will explain in his Monday presser, which you'll be able to read about here on (you guessed it) Monday.

Monday is always a big day on FootballScoop. You can read all the important quotes & notes from coaches around the country. Don't forget, we'll release Week #2 Game Changing Coaches presented by Family Reloon Tuesday morning.

Back to Michigan, check out Picture #2 in the FootballScoop Photo Gallery. Is Denard claiming the Heisman already?

Robinson has yet to turn the ball over in two games. Michigan hosts UMASS next week. The Wolverines next few games include UMASS, Bowling Green, and at Indiana.