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Rich Rod: When they announced 113,000, it was just amazing.

Following Michigan’s 30-10 win over UCONN, Rich Rodriguez seemed really pleased and happy for his players and coaches. 

Rich Rod said, “When they announced 113, 000, I know we don’t pay attention, but by that time the game was under control and it was just amazing. The fans were terrific. It was a great day for Michigan.” 

A reporter asked, “Is today the kind of thing you envisioned when you took this job?”

Rodriguez responded, “I will enjoy the next 3 hours and 10 minutes. Try to get me 5 hours of sleep tonight. My wife will probably get a chance to sleep a little bit tonight. But I’m proud of everybody who has been associate with our program our university. I mean, we’ve been through a lot. I think our focus, not only from our program, but from a university standpoint has never far as trying to build the best program in America. But this in just one win, but I’m going to let our guys enjoy it.” 

“From the first series on that long drive that we had some fast guys in the space that they (UCONN) may have some problems with.”

“I’d like to score more than 30, but I like when you don’t have to punt. I like if we had none (instead of 1 punt). I’m not a big stat guy, but if I did look at the 2 most important stats for us, it would be turnovers and first downs.”

“They (Michigan fans) deserve it. I know what they want here. There’s a process to doing that and getting there. It’s just one win, but I want our seniors to feel good. I want our players to feel good. I want our coaches to feel good. It’s been tough on the coaches and players, so if they can feel good for a few hours, then get back to work tomorrow, then that’s great.”

“I think our guys have come so close together that any adversity we face, we’ll be able to handle it. One of the goals as a coach, when you coach college football, is for your players to truly enjoy their experience of being a student-athlete. You should be able to enjoy it, but inevitably you’re not going to enjoy it unless you’re winning.”