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Richt: A couple of times we turned it down, quite frankly

Georgia head coach Mark Richt knows the Bulldogs need to become more physical and better tacklers on defense.

A caller asked Richt during his Monday night radio show if some Bulldog players were “timid” and “afraid to hit.” 

Richt responded, "There were a couple of times where you're right, I think timid is a very kind description of what happened. There were a couple of times when we turned it down, quite frankly."

"Just to work hard on the fundamentals of stepping on a guy's toes and putting your face on him and wrapping up," Richt said. "There's going to be no diving on the ground at a guy, no going low on a guy. When I mean low, I'm talking about just diving at the knees and ankles and that kind of thing."

Following the Bulldogs 17-6 loss to South Carolina, Steve Spurrier said he hadn’t seen a running back break as many tackles in his career as true freshman Marcus Lattimore. 

Georgia hosts Arkansas at 12:00 pm EST on ESPN. Arkansas starting running back Dennis Johnson will not play due to injury.