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Richt and Bronco address questions about disgruntled fans

Both Mark Richt and Bronco Mendenhall answered questions about disgruntled fans during their respective Tuesday press conference.

Asked about the fans not being happy with the Georgia team, Richt responded, “They’re not? (smiling) Neither is my mom. Well, the state of the program is we’re getting ready for Mississippi State. It’s early in the year. We’re getting ready to play another Southeastern Conference game, trying to get one win in the league. ... Just keep supporting, keep fighting, and we will too.”

BYU fans are upset with performance of the 2-quarterback rotating system the Cougars are using. Mendenhall said, “I can't say I am in touch probably at all with the fanbase. There's so much to do right now with our team, in trying to improve. And what I have found is that from being booed in our first home game that I ever coached, to having those that don't like the way we play if we are beating someone 52-6. I try to do what I think is best for our program, and then I hope that the supporters will back our program.”

"But I am not unrealistic enough to know that every decision I make won't be popular. There probably will be frustration any time you are not having success. And so I wouldn't be surprised if there is that right now. But it won't have any effect really on what decisions I make."

Georgia is on the road in Starkville to play Mississippi State on Saturday. BYU will host Nevada.