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Richt: Drills are great but...

After a season filled with disappointing punt and kick return coverage, Mark Richt promises more live kick scenarios in practice this fall after they spent much of the off season taking an in depth look at their coverage schemes.

"My guess is we'll have more live kicking reps in the fall than we've had in a while. Some of that is because we're going to be breaking in a new punter and a new kicker. They need to be under pressure as much as possible and it's hard to create that pressure unless you're doing some live situations."

Richt explains that he likes all the drill work they've been accustomed to in the past, but there's no replicating a full speed drill against the best available players.

"We also just need to see for our own eyes can a guy make a tackle out in the open. Drills are great, but when it gets down to it, you have to have that sensation of being able to corral a guy out there when you're covering a punt or covering a kick. You need to have your punts rushed full speed to make sure there's no problems."

"We're going to do a lot more good-on-good because you need to find out if you've got an issue in camp rather than the first or second game of the year. So we'll do a lot more live kicking situations than we have, maybe since I've been here."