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Richt shares philosophy on discipline

Richt shared his philosophy on discipline earlier today, and brought up some great coaching points to keep in mind.

Richt says that when guys make mistakes its important to keep two things in mind, "How we handle it and how he handles it.” He went on to explain that their goal as a staff at Georgia is multi tiered.

First and most importantly, they try to find out the truth and then find the right direction for the discipline. Then, the gauge how they respond to it.

"If they learn from their mistakes and become better people because of it, then that’s a positive thing in that guy’s life. If he’s not truthful about it and acts like he didn’t do anything wrong and his behavior isn’t going to change in any way shape or form, then he’s probably not going to be at Georgia very long. That’s just kind of the way things go. To think every single guy is not ever going to make a mistake and be perfect, I don’t think is realistic." Richt explained.