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Richt went to jail to spend time with a recruit

We read the headline from the Atlanta Journal Constitution and said, nah, this is going to be some ridiculous story...but it wasn't half bad so here goes...

Richt and offensive coordinator Mike Bobo were in Valdosta, GA last night to visit the #1 recruit in Georgia. Long story filled with details, but here's our summary:

Richt and Bobo met with the recruit and his family over dinner at their church. While there, the recruit's grandfather (and legal guardian) received a business call (he owns a Bail Bondsman's service). Three people needed to bond out of jail. The grandfather sent his daughter and the recruit (who are both bail bond agents) to jail to complete to paperwork to get the three out. 

Richt chose to stay at the church and would wait to visit further with the recruit until he returned from doing his job.

Unfortunately, the grandfather got a call that his daughter had left her ID at the church and needed him to bring it to her at the jail. Richt, and Bobo, wound up riding to the jail with the family to bring the ID. 

Richt and the recruit talked while at the jail and the two returned to the church before Richt left for the night. 

Can you imagine the conversation between Richt and Bobo on the car ride home?