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Rick Neuheisel says "The Pistol" is really helping UCLA

On the Tim Brando Show this morning, Rick Neuheisel talked about how pleased he is with the UCLA running game, thanks to an off-season decision to move to "The Pistol."

Neuheisel said, “We knew why we were doing it. The first two years, we were 9th in rushing (Pac-10). We put too much pressure on the throwing game to survive. (Chris) Ault was very generous in sharing information on The Pistol. It’s worked. We’re averaging 200 yards a game rushing. Once we find a measure of balance, I think we’re going to be a pretty potent offense.”

“It allows for the offense to come downhill. When you’re offset, it’s more lateral reads. By coming down hill, the defense has to make faster decisions. It’s veer offense from the (shot)gun.” 

Although Neuheisel was really pleased with last week’s win over Houston, he knows UCLA has their hands full at Texas on Saturday. 

“It was an important game (Houston). I thrilled with the way we played and the outcome of the game. We set a standard of how to play with great intensity.” 

“They (Texas) are trying to develop an identity. They have great NFL looking guys at every position. There’s no question in my mind that they are going to break loose. I just hope it’s not tomorrow.”

(on his QB Kevin Prince) “He’s rounding into shape. It’s also a new offense. It’s not the same offense as last year. There’s going to be growing pains. It doesn’t help if you keep yanking on him.” 

(on his concern) “We’ve got to be more sturdy up front (defensively).”

Kick-off in Austin is set for 3:30 pm EST.