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Rick Neuheisel sticking with "The Pistol"

UCLA is sticking with “The Pistol.”

New offensive coordinator Mike Johnson, who served as the San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator in 2010, says "My philosophy is that I want to make a defense defend the entire field, horizontally and vertically, and that is going to be the goal, so we're going to put together an offense -- and we're going to give it a new name, eventually -- but the Pistol is going to be a portion of it; it won't be the entire offense."

"I know Rick wants to be involved in the play-calling and I have no problem with that."

Neuheisel obviously isn’t handing over the entire offense to Johnson. The Bruins will work together as an offensive staff to put together game plans. In fact, the Bruins still have one remaining hire to make on the offensive side, which should come just after signing day.

Neuheisel says, "During my assessment of our program, I felt it was necessary for me to be more involved in the day-to-day operation of the offense. I decided that going forward, I will coach the quarterbacks and will be more hands-on in the area of play calling with a new coordinator.”

UCLA opens the 2011 season at Houston. The Bruins will then host San Jose State and Texas, before beginning PAC-12 play.