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Ron Crook: 'There are only so many plays you can run in football'

If you flip between a West Virginia and Stanford game during the fall, you'll see two very different offenses operating at very high levels.

Stanford is going to attack you with multiple tight ends, sometimes six or seven offensive lineman, and two backs in the backfield, while West Virginia is going to spread you out and use their speed to beat.

However, new Mountaineer offensive line coach Ron Crook doesn't see the two approaches as all that different at the end of the day.

“There's only so many plays you can run in football," Crook, who has prior experience at Stanford, Illinois, and Cincinnati explained in the Tribune-Review. Last season West Virginia ran for 172 yards per game (52nd nationally), including a 458 yard explosion late in the season against Oklahoma.

“We're running the same kind of plays we ran at Stanford. The difference is, at Stanford we were putting extra tight ends and extra offensive linemen on the field to do it. Here, we're spreading people out. It's a different philosophy from a schematic standpoint, but you're trying to accomplish the same thing.”

Excellent point. Much different schemes, but the same goal.

Crook also explained to the Tribune-Review that while West Virginia has been successful with their zone-oriented team, he wants them to approach zone blocking with more of a power mindset.

“We're still going to be a big zone-blocking team, that's not going to change. But I believe in zoning through people more...blocking through them and not going to an area.”

Bringing in fresh ideas and new perspectives is something that Holgorsen did a lot of this off season with the hirings of Crook, Lonnie Galloway (receivers) and JaJuan Seider (running backs) all on the offensive side of the ball. How those new perspectives mesh in the fall will be fun to see.