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Saban gets creative recruiting

Nick Saban and his staff are accustomed to pulling in one of the nations top recruiting classes year in and year out. His targets for the 2013 class know when they're a priority for Alabama, and one recruit in particular got that message loud and clear.

Georgia high school running back, Alvin Kamara, made headlines after coming home to a mailbox literally overflowing with letters..105 to be exact, each one of them coming from the Crimson Tide. Normally, Saban puts stamps on 4-6 letters per day for Kamara, but he thought he'd let him know how serious he was by sending a crystal clear message.

Kamara still hasn't opened all of the letters, but one thing that he did notice is that there are no duplicates in the pile, each one has a different message about what sets Alabama and their football traditions apart from every other school on his radar.

You can bet Saban had more than one member of the staff stuffing envelopes to send that message.