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Saban: Avoiding complacency

According to Nick Saban, one of the things that separated his 2009 - 2010 BCS National Champs from the 2010 - 2011 team that finished 10-3 was a sense of entitlement and complacency among the players.

Two days after beating LSU for the national title this past season, Saban gathered the team for a meeting to ensure that complacency and entitlement weren't going to settle in this time.

Saban explained to the team that they are no longer the National Champs, "I said, you guys are not the National Champs. You haven't done anything. Now some of you played on a National Championship team last year, but that team is gone."

Coach Saban also talks about observing the positive direction and maturity of the Tide after the loss to LSU, and why that was his proudest achievement of last year.