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Saban: If hot peppers give you a belly ache, you can't figure it out until you eat hot peppers

Shortly into the first game-week presser of 2010, Nick Saban set the tone.

Saban said, “This is really the beginning of the journey for our team. How you define yourself individually and collectively as a group. How you play, how you compete, how you are able to play with discipline to execute your job.” 

“There is only certain people that can effect that identity and that’s the people on the team. It’s the coaches, players, and people on the team, the people in the team meeting. It’s up to them and us to how we go about this year.” 

 (on his biggest concerns) “What the maturity is, what the identity is going to be, what’s the chemistry of the team, are the young players going to mature, are there enough older players that have played to provide the leadership and example to effect those guys and help their maturity. I think we have some young guys in critical spots and specialists that will be interesting to see how they grow and develop.”

Highlighting some youth and inexperience, Saban added, “Some guys play better when the game comes and some guys who practice pretty well don’t compete nearly as well when the game comes. I don’t think you can figure that out until the game comes. If hot peppers give you a belly ache, you can’t figure it out until you eat hot peppers.”

“In regards to San Jose State, Saban stated, “Nevada-Reno was the #1 rushing team in the country, and supposedly that is the offense this team (San Jose State) is running, but we no evidence of that. So we are preparing for all kinds of stuff. It’s option type football that we’ve never really experienced before, so it makes it a difficult preparation for us. Whether they have the personnel to do that or they are going to do something completely different, we are not sure and we have no way of being sure.”

Saban added, “It’s about what we do. It’s always been about that.” 

Bama hosts San Jose State on Saturday night.