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Saban on Twitter: 'I spend the better part of my life trying to not let people know what I'm doing'

With a look on his face as if he'd just been informed he was the subject of an IRS audit, Alabama head coach Nick Saban spent time discussing the intersection of social media and football coaching at the SEC Media Days on Thursday. You're going to find this pretty hard to believe, but Saban doesn't find much use in social media, or electronics in general. In fact, he doesn't know how to text.

"We had a guy come in and give us a lecture on, 'Your players only have a 10-minute attention span. You really should be Facebooking them some of the game plan, scouting report because they'll learn it better if they can read it than you communicating it. And even text them some of the instructions rather than you communicate with them,'" Saban explained.

"I looked at the guy and said, 'I guess I've got to get out of coaching,'" he replied.

Not to doubt Saban, but we think the anonymous consultant is selling today's athlete quite a bit short. Attention spans may be shorter than they used to be, but that doesn't mean 18-year-olds have turned into 5-year-olds, either.

Saban's one minute and 18 seconds of social media commentary is full of tasty soundbytes, such as: "I spend the better part of my life trying to not let people know what I'm doing. That's why I go to Lake Burton and hide." 

Somehow his program has been able to manage just fine despite employing a head coach that refuses to tweet.