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Saban wants only 60-70 teams at the FBS level

Nick Saban joined the Mike and Mike Show on ESPN this morning to talk about the advantages of opening up with an opponent like Michigan and the shifting college football landscape.

Saban noted that he believes that opening up with a quality opponent like the Wolverines really helps the team focus and prepare during the off season, which is one of the main reasons that the Crimson Tide like to schedule a tough game within their first two weeks.

On the recent changes in the landscape of college football, Saban explained that the loss of traditional rivalries is one of the biggest casualties, but also noted that ultimately, he'd like to see the FBS shrink down to 60 or 70 teams.

"You hate to see some of the great rivalries in college football not be something that can continue, and we're certainly trying to save those things in our conference."

"But I think, eventually in college football, we're going to have to get to where there's 60 or 70 teams in this Division I, whatever you want to call it. And these teams need to be playing each other." Saban said.

'I think of it more like the NFL, you don't have any easy games in the NFL. Every team is a good team. The Giants lost 7 games last year and won the Super Bowl."

Saban also noted that the SEC may be at a disadvantage to compete for a National Championship this year because of the stiff competition within their own conference.

"Some of these leagues don't nearly have the competition, you know 5 teams in the top 15 or whatever, that they're going to have to play against to try and get to the that game."

Hear the entire interview here.