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Sal Sunseri: Preparing to coach against your son is harder than you can imagine

Tennessee and defensive coordinator Sal Sunseri face the Alabama this weekend in Knoxville. Sal's son Vinnie starts in the secondary for the Crimson Tide and he also has another son, Tino, who starts at quarterback at Pitt. I think it's safe to say those are some solid genes.

Many of the questions that Coach Sunseri fielded after practice today had to do with how he is approaching this week, and his message was emotionally charged, and clear.

"I didn't imagine it would be this hard." he said.

As one reporter points out, it could be worse. They could be playing Pitt and Coach Sunseri would have to scheme against his son, Tino. After the reporter described what would likely be Sal's worst nightmare as a coach, Sal says, "That's probably the greatest thing is that I don't have to scheme against Vinnie, but that would be extremely, extremely tough, and...I'd have to make a decision on that one."

Good stuff from Sunseri here on the uniqueness of the situation and the bond within their family.