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Sark adjusting scrimmage format to limit injuries

It’s not some revolutionary idea, but Steve Sarkisian seems to really be emphasizing a certain format of scrimmaging during spring practice. One strong purpose of the format and philosophy is to limit the number of injuries.

Following Thursday’s practice, Sark talked to reporters about what to expect during Saturday’s practice.

Sark explained, “It won’t be a full blow scrimmage. It’s going to be a very controlled atmosphere. We’re going to have different scrimmage settings as the practice goes on, but we’re not just going to put the ball down and play. We’re really trying to hone in on the special situations of the game and understand those situations.”

“When you add it all up, it will be a 100 play scrimmage, but it won’t always appear like that to the naked eye because we break it up into segments and we try to give our guys some rest.”

“The challenge of it is that we are 25 guys short who would normally be playing. It’s easy just to go and scrimmage, but in the spring, that’s when guys get hurt because guys are tired, you don’t have as many bodies, you’re rotating guys quicker and that’s how guys fall down and get rolled up on.”

“So our emphasis has been on breaking it up into segments, we mix it up with special teams and individual setting and different things, so our guys are fresh when we are scrimmages and we get the most out of them.”