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Sark explains why walk throughs are important if you're a no huddle team

If you coach with an up tempo approach, or are looking to make the change this fall, Steve Sarkisian has some advice on practice structure for you.

Sark led USC through their first spring practice of the year last night, and noted their tempo as a reason why they have three walk through periods built in throughout practice.

"If you noticed. We don't have time to critique our players in between plays because of the tempo that we're operating at, and it's designed that way. That's why you see those walk through periods in the middle of practice."

"I think most people traditionally do walk throughs before practice, but we actually break ours up into three separate segments within practice, and call them 'teach periods'. So if you take those times between practices to try and fix some of the errors that we saw in some of the team periods, and then ultimately we teach off the film."

"It's definitely a different way of teaching, but it's definitely a way that grabs a players attention and they respond to it really well."