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Sark: 'Fear is the demise of execution'

During his first speaking engagement with the USC student body, more specifically the Delta Gamma's event "Lectureship in Values and Ethics" head coach Steve Sarkisian touched on a number of topics ranging including how his persistence led to his first FBS coaching opportunity, among other valuable topics.

Sark had a number of great lines, as ATVN chronicled, including;

How to achieve success: "Don't worry about the how,' just focus on what you want to become and continually talk about it."

On how he got his first FBS coaching opportunity: "I remember selling a product to Annenberg school, and it was the day that Pete Carroll got hired, and I got a chance to get in front of Pete that day, and I just said 'Hey, I think I want to coach.' At the same time I had been coaching Junior College football along the way as I worked in sales, and he said 'Well, I might be able to do something with a GA spot."

"Thinking back now, four and a half months ago, if some kid walked into my office right after I had done my press conference to get hired here, I would have been like 'Who is this kid? Get him out of here!'" But that moment spoke volumes to the type of mentor that Pete became to me moving forward."

On how he sees the USC program under his leadership: "We are forward thinkers. USC Football is forward thinking. We are thinking about the future like it is the present,"

All of those are great in their own respects, but one quote in particular stood out to me more than the others. It's a quote that summarizes Sark's coaching philosophy and really speaks to the type of coach that he is, and the type of staff he has surrounded himself with.

"I think fear is the demise of execution. When we perform out of fear, when we have a sense of fear inside of us, ultimately our execution is going to suffer. Fear is a distraction."

That's deep.

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