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Sark: My wife wants me to decide, so she doesn't have to keep asking

Third-year head coach Steve Sarkisian wrapped up spring practice this weekend at Washington without naming a starting quarterback.

Redshirt freshman Nick Montana and redshirt sophomore Keith Price both performed well and protected the football during the last fifteen practices.

It appears Sark will make a decision in the next few weeks. He wants the starting quarterback to “fit the personality” of the team and offense.

Sarkisian said, “My wife wants me to decide, so she doesn’t have to keep asking about it.”

“It’s a great battle. I’ve been able to watch these guys continually compete – not necessarily with one another, but with themselves. Not just their own playing at the moment, but some of the adversity that can come with it."

“Maybe they struggle for a day, and the other guy has a good day. Maybe they have a couple of drops. Maybe it’s the weather. But they both improved to a high level. To think we have a redshirt freshman and a redshirt sophomore competing for this job and play the way they are is pretty encouraging.”

Overall, Sarkisian was really pleased how the Huskies improved as a “team.” The Huskies named team captains earlier than usual in order to help bring the team together during summer voluntary workouts.

UW will open with Eastern Washington. A week later the Huskies will host Hawaii, then travel to Nebraska.