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Sark talks UW football at pre-camp presser

Steve Sarkisian held a press conference today before camp gets underway at Washington.

Sarkisian said, "You know, what I cared about last year was being competitive. I wanted to see our guys fight, battle, claw, scratch. I wanted to make sure when the opponents walked off the field they knew they played the Huskies. That was the ultimate goal last year. Now we need to play well and we need to play well at the critical moments in the fourth quarter --- that is the next step, those critcal moments, fourth quarter, on the road, hostile environment, we've got the ball, 3 minutes left, what's going to happen? That for me is where I'll be able to get a gague. Can we continue to execute or do we go out of ourselves, try too hard and make mistakes and that's how you end up losing ball games. I'm not going to point fingers at anybody, but we obviously lost three games you can point right to on the road last year --- Arizona State, Notre Dame and UCLA --- that in my opinion we should have won and we're an eight win team all of a sudden.''

"The whole Expect-to-Win mantra isn't something to put on t-shirts just because it looks good. It's a belief and it's a belief within our coaching staff. From day one, I said it the very first press conference, I dont' think it's going to take us long and I firmly believe that. We expect to do well, we expect to win. We're going to practice well and we're going to paly well, and I think that transformation process from the coaching staff into our players may have taken some time, but I don't see one guy on our football team that truly doesn't believe we're going to be a good football team this fall.''

Here's the complete press conference: