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Sarkisian credits keeping coaching staff intact during the off-season

Washington head coach Steve Sarkisian stated post-practice on Friday, “I've been impressed with our football team, the way they've responded...offensively and defensively, we're light years ahead of where we were last year at this time.”

Sarkisian believes that keeping his entire coaching staff intact has really benefited the program.

According to FootballScoop research, Washington is just 1 of 24 programs at the D1 level to keep their entire on-field coaching staff together during the off-season.

Sark said, "Huge on a lot of fronts. Obviously, it adds continuity. Recruiting. We have the same recruiting basis; you have the same coach going back to recruit the same area. Position groupings: the players know their coach, who they're dealing with. But a lot of it for me is practice and preparing for practice. The coaches understand what I want to get accomplished every day, and they go out and kind of reiterate the message and spread the message throughout the football team. So I think that's a big deal to me. There are a lot of great coaches in America, and a lot of them could come in and learn our scheme. But for our team, and the momentum that we carried last year into this year, having people on the same page I think is really important."

"I think what it's done for me is it's allowed me, our coaches feel so good with the schedule and our players, it's allowed me to sit back and evaluate a little better and not get caught up in everything that's happening that exact moment. To be able to see things and step away and assess what's happening and kind of the mood of the team and things of that nature and be able to address them sooner rather than later so that things don't linger. ... We're kind of a well-oiled machine right now. We know what we're doing.''

"If guys move on to different jobs, that probably means we had a pretty good year. We'll fight to keep all of our guys. Part of this position --- and I'm fortunate to learn from Pete (Carroll) --- we're here to allow guys to grow, not to micromanage them and not to shelter them where nobody else knows about them. If guys have opportunities to move on, either to become coordinators or become head coaches, we're going to promote them the best we can. If that happens after this year, that's probably a good thing."