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Sarkisian explains Huskies style of practice

Steve Sarkisian described the Huskies’ practice style during an interview with John and Hans on 1280 The Zone (Utah).

Sarkisian said, “It’s pretty intense. I think the first thing we pride ourselves on is the tempo and urgency that we practice with. There is quite a bit of energy on the practice field. We listen to music all day and everyday on the practice field. I like it upbeat. I like it energetic and it is very intense.” 

“We’ve got intense coaches. Our players get after it. We do not practice very long. We make it a point to be on and off the field everyday in 2 hours at a maximum, but we do have a lot of fun. I want to keep the guys interested and going, without beating them down and wore out by the time game time rolls around.”

“I try to think like our kids and what is going to keep them motivated, keep them entertained, keep ‘em going, wanting more. The first thing I despised as a player is when you are out there 3 or 3 ½ hours. My feet hurt, my back got sore, I was bored. That’s not what I want.”

(on returning to his alma mater) “I don’t think I can say this is just any other game. Obviously there is some meaning to it. I’ll reminisce a little bit on Friday when we get into town.” 

Washington vs. BYU kicks-off at 7 pm EST on Saturday.