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Saturday night Coaches Quick Hits

Some interesting quotes from around the country:

Spurrier would like to begin season with Clemson: “I have wished we could play Clemson in the first game of the year. It would give fans something to talk about all summer.”

San Diego State head coach Brady Hoke hoping to follow Padres: “They (Padres) weren’t expected to be anywhere near where they are. We talk about it as a team that they are a great example of teamwork, guys who care about each other and making plays when you have to.”

Mark Dantonio pumped up about running backs: "One of the biggest differences in our football team between this year and last year is experience at the running back position. And we've got some very good young players. We're going to be able to run the football. I've always tried to pride ourselves in that fact and we're going to continue to do so."

Derek Dooley embracing General Neyland’s game maxims: "Our number-one game maxim is the team that makes the fewest mistakes will win. It's the same thing in life. Don't go out there and make mistakes this weekend.''

Ralph Friedgen talks Terps: "I kind of take the approach of just look at the next game. That's kind of how I've been my whole life. If you do that, things will usually turn out okay for yourself. When you start looking too far ahead is when you get in trouble."

"I think good things will happen if we get going. If we can get some confidence, we can be pretty good. We have more team speed on defense. We've got a couple guys like Isaiah Ross I'd like to get back and things like that, but I think we'll be faster on defense than what we've been."

"I have a lot of faith in these kids. I really think we're still a very young team. We only have 12 seniors. I think the future's really bright here. With another good recruiting class, I think we have a chance to be good for some time."

Quoting ULM head coach Todd Berry: "If you look at where college football is, and college football is cyclic, I think the cycle right now is you have to have a great quarterback, a great defense and don't beat yourself in the kicking game. Those are the teams that traditionally are winning right now.” 

FIU head coach Mario Christobal pumped about running backs: “They're all dependable. They get downhill fast and make people miss. They add a dimension to our offense that we really haven't had in a while.''

Carl Pelini talks about defensive staff: "I just think Year 3, the four of us (assistants) are all on the same page. I know what Marvin is teaching and I know what Eck is teaching and our vocabulary is the same. I don't mind jumping around and talking to one of their guys because I know the terminology they're using. It's just a comfort level being in the third year that allows me to let go a little bit of the D-line."