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Saturday morning - Coaches Quick Hits

Interesting quotes from around the country...

Quoting Western Michigan head coach Bill Cubit: "You have a chip on your shoulder. Why does [Brian Kelly] have that job and why am I down here? Because a couple breaks here and there. That's just the way it is. We want to make our mark at Western Michigan University and be a top-notch program. Have we got there yet? No. But it ain't for a lack of trying. And we're going to do it the right way too. I'm not going to bring in bad character guys, I'm not going to bring in guys that will sacrifice the values of this institution."

Quoting Brian Kelly: "I think security for your football team is very important. I don't believe that banning the NFL scouts from your team is going to help with the agent problem. I think that was more of a message, maybe, more than anything else. From our end, I'm not going to give into all of those kinds of messages. We are simply going to try to protect our kids and educate them on making good decisions. Our practices will be open to NFL scouts." 

Quoting Paul Rhoads: (on poor tackling last season) "We control ourselves right before our hitting situation, so when a ball carrier makes a move, we're just not going to be grabbing air like a cartoon character," he said. "We didn't take good angles. Our eyes weren't in the right location."

"As I go from airport to airport recruiting or to places within the state, I get approached by more University of Iowa people complimenting us, how we conduct our program, how we're righting the ship and what we're doing with it. And emphatically they say, 'We're not changing over. But we're getting to the point where we'd like to see you have some success — every week other than one.' "

"Here's what I told our football team at the end of our first team meeting (in 2009). I said the expectations of the 2009 Cyclone football team are to win a bowl game. I was asked after we fulfilled that, did I really believe that was possible? It didn't matter. I had to set the bar so high that they expected it to take place."

Quoting Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini: "I anticipate a big jump (offensively). I've said it before, I'll say it again: I take some responsibility for it being what it was. We were playing really good defense. We got beat up on offense. People will say, 'Was it the quarterback position?' No, it was a lot of issues of why we did what we did.

"We kind of pulled back and said, 'Here's our formula for how we need to win football games right now.' I think you saw more what our true offense is, what we can be, in the bowl game, when we got healthy again. And, like I said, I might have overreacted a little bit and pulled back the reins a little too much.”

"I don't think we'll see that being the case again."

Quoting Dan Mullen: "Today should be one of the toughest days of the year for us. Everyone's tired, everyone should be tired. But if we can fight through it and improve, we've got a chance to be a pretty good team."

Quoting Marshall defensive coordinator Chris Rippon: "I think the unit, as a whole, has matured over the summer. They were very committed to the strength and conditioning program, came back in the kind of shape that showed they were ready to participate in preseason camp. It's impressive with the way they're attacking practice and carrying it through."

Memphis head coach Larry Porter post-practice interview: