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Saturday morning Coaches Quick Hits

Some interesting quotes from around the country:

Bill Stewart talks after 24-21 overtime win at Marshall: "I told them at halftime this bunch reminds me of that '07 bunch when we were down here, I think we were down 13-6. Things were going well, and things certainly weren't going well tonight. It was a hard-fought game; I'm sure America enjoyed that.”

"To go 98 yards and score a two-point conversion just tells you how much we grew in that fourth quarter.”

Doc Holliday says ‘no moral victory’ for Herd: "No. 1, there are no moral victories at Marshall. The football game was lost, and that's unacceptable. We expect to win games here, we will win games, and we'll come back tomorrow and get ready for Bowling Green."

Dan Mullen disappointed in loss to Auburn: "Every time we hit the high note, nobody made the play. We 'thudded.' And that's all of us. That's from the top to the bottom of this program."

Quoting Derek Dooley talks about Boise State: “They’ve done it over time. They do it every year. It’s something that’s been going on over a long time. Each year, they’ve been able to get a higher quality player. Success breeds success. It’s showing on the field and certainly in the big game. When they have to perform, that’s when they do their best.”

Chip Kelly talks about road trip to Knoxville: “We try to say as normal as possible. We don’t change. We’re only there for about 36 hours. We always eat 4 hours before kick-off.”

Pat Hill talks about Nick Saban: “We spent so much time in the building, long hours. But if you’re afraid of work, this is not the business to be in. We all enjoyed what we were doing, and if we hadn’t liked it we wouldn’t have been there.

“Nick was the defensive coordinator, and he was very detail-oriented. Bill not only did a great job of evaluating players, he did a great job of evaluating coaching talent. If you’re going to run a system that requires a lot of hours, then you have to hire coaches who enjoy that.”

UVA QB Mark Verica describe OC Bill Lazor’s style: “When we installed the quarterback sneak, I had never seen it installed with such detail. It was always kind of, you know, it's a quarterback sneak. What else is there to it? You take the snap and you just lunge forward and get the yard or whatever. He actually quizzed us on this, too. What is the proper technique for the quarterback sneak? Securing the ball first and then taking a lateral step, taking it to the tighter of the techniques of the defensive tackles, and then shoulders low, eyes up and driving your legs.

“It's very, very detail-oriented stuff. But I was happy with the way we executed it. It's probably the best quarterback sneak I've ever done.”

Quoting Colorado OC Eric Kiesau: “I learned a lot of football in my time in Berkeley — the nuances, how to study defenses, game-planning. The list is endless. From a football standpoint, Tedford would be the most influential person in my career. A lot of the makeup of what I do today revolves around him."

"I could have stayed at Cal for 20 years. But with the age of my kids, I needed to be around them and be part of their life. I didn't want to look back and say I missed it because of traffic."

LA Tech head coach Sonny Dykes talks about his quarterbacks: "This offense is different than what they've played in the past. Before it had been a kind of manage the game type of offense. It's just a little different philosophy. We need our quarterback to make plays. We wanted to see how those guys responded to game situations. We felt like it was important to play both of them."

Steve Sarkisian looking to bounce back after loss to BYU, UW hosts Syracuse: “I think the thing that is most relevant now is that we have created an environment where losing is unacceptable --- that's the bottom line. We are here to win. We could have been at home against a lesser opponent and gotten kind of an easy W of some sort. We have very high expectations within our locker room and in our team room and I think that's why there is such disappointment. But I can tell you we are not going to dwell on this football game.”

Quoting New Mexico head coach Mike Locksley: "There was nothing in our preparation that would have led me to think that whathappenedwould have happened. We had what I thought was a great fall camp. We came out of it with a lot of confidence. But with an inexperienced team, the last thing to come is consistency. And I strongly believe that outcome of the first game is not indicative of the type of team that we have. But I also think it is indicative of what happens to a team that's not experienced.”

"When you turn the ball over five times in a quarter and let two punt returns go back for touchdowns, you won't beat a good high school team."

"As much as I'd like to give Lobo fans a winner immediately, we're doing everything we can to develop as fast as we can. But as with any development of a championship-level program, it's going to take some time. There's not one doubt in my mind that I'm going to have the program where it needs to be.

"If I worry about fan perception and losing the fans, I'll wind up becoming a fan. Point blank. I appreciate that we have fans that care. To me that's half the battle. If you didn't have fans that complained or expressed concern, then this probably wouldn't be an attractive job."