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Schiano talks state of the program

Greg Schiano took questions from reporters at Rutgers media day. The Scarlet Knights have finished the first two practices of summer camp.

Schiano made it clear that his team is young, but that he won’t use that as an excuse.

You can watch Schiano's presser here.

"Overall, what has really impressed me is the energy level and the ownership that the older guys have taken. I have not had to raise my voice pretty much at all. If that can continue, that will be huge."

"We believe what we call ‘the state of Rutgers,’ that’s the three and a half to four hours from us. Then, we’ll always recruit the state of Florida. The other thing about recruiting that area is you’re going to get a certain type of guy. This area, our region, is a tough area. If you can make it in this (local) area, you can pretty much make it anywhere. I think our team, the way we play, the product you see on the field parallels the kind of people that live in this area."

"We put a premium on speed, there is no doubt about that. Speed is it. What I'd like to do is get bigger and bigger, and still have that speed. I think that’s where we are headed. Ten years into this thing, you look at our front guys, we are not huge, but we’re not miniature like we were at one point. Our goal is to continue to recruit that speed, but eventually get a little bit bigger."

"I think we may have had 3 or 4 guys active in the NFL ten years ago. Now we have over 30. Not all are first or second round picks, like Ray, Anthony, and Kenny, but that almost is something we are even more proud of. We like to think they’ve been prepared physically, mentally, and emotionally (here). I think it’s a testament to Coach Butler and his staff when you look in the parking lot in the middle of February and all those guys are back here training. They’re certainly not coming back here for that balmy weather."

"It’s a dangerous say ‘we do it this way.’ You’re one bad decision away from being in the newspaper or on that blog. What we can’t do, we can’t dictate behavior, but we can certainly educate them of the bad consequences that come with mistakes. Also, educate them on the favorable outcomes that you’ll see when you do things right."