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Pete Carroll, Seahawks spooked by prank

Pete Carroll isn't scared to pull a prank on the players. He did it at USC (Will Ferrell). After Carroll fell for this particular prank at Seahawks camp this week, he decided he wouldn't be the only one.

The video is pretty funny.

Ben Malcolmson of writes, “Nothing like a little prank to spook the Seahawks and provide the players and coaches with endless laughs this week.

Snakes on a plane?

That’s nothing compared to snakes in the locker room.

Spearheaded by the team’s equipment staff, players were pranked this week by a contraption that featured a stuffed snake that would pop out of a Gatorade cooler in frightening fashion. To set up the practical joke, the most common question around Virginia Mason Athletic Center the past few days was, “have you tried the new Gatorade?” — which invariably led to players, coaches and staffers getting spooked by the real-looking snake.”

Here is the video: