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Sean Payton coaching second half from the press box

Update: Jennifer Hale, of ESPN, is reporting that Payton did not make it up to the press box and is monitoring the game from the locker room. A surgery is expected tomorrow (Monday) at the latest.

Update 2: This was a dangerous week to be a coach on either sideline in Tampa Bay. It is being reported that Bucs defensive backs coach, Jimmy Lake, tore his patella tendon after celebrating a game sealing interception and will likely undergo surgery during the teams bye week (Week 8).

After an on the field collision with between Sean Payton and Jimmy Graham, Payton will be spending the rest of the game up in the press box. Payton's left leg was caught under Graham during a sideline collision and the medical staff attended to him on the bench with his leg propped up and headset on. Initial reports are that Payton has a torn MCL and a broken bone in his leg.

We found it interesting that the Saints players took turns clearing out the sideline so that Payton could still see the game, before he was carted off the field down 20-7 with just under four minutes left in the first half against the Bucs.

Numerous reports are that the playcalling duties will fall into the lap of Drew Brees while Payton is in the box. Not bad hands to leave your offense in, if you ask us.