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SEC coaches agree

It seems everyone has their own opinion on how to determine the national champs.

Big Ten Commisioner Jim Delany wants only the conference champs involved in the playoff, and the Pac-12's Larry Scott wants the two semi final games played on campus.

If it's up to the SEC coaches, they want the top 4 ranked teams. That much was clear after the conference meeings on Tuesday.

The additions of Mizzou and Texas A&M likely means that each team will now play 6 divisional games starting in 2013. In addition each team will also play one permanent cross-over rival game, and one rotating cross-over game. 

That schedule would mean that the conference champ is going to end up playing 10 SEC games.

“Our league has been consistent that if you’re going to have a four-team playoff that the best four teams ought to be selected to play for the national championship. If the issue is how teams are selected, then let’s go and talk about the selection process and make the selection process more palatable to everybody rather than try to gerrymander who the top four teams are." conference commisioner Mike Slive added.

Six straight national titles and the elite of the conference dominating non league opponents is tough to argue with. 

Spurrier helped keep things in perspective by explaing how he sees the dynamics of a playoff. 

''Do you know who's won the Super Bowl the last two years? Weren't the Giants 8-8? And the Packers didn't even win their division the year before and got hot in the playoffs. It just depends on how much importance you want to place into a playoff system, a tournament. I know there have been a lot of NCAA (basketball) champions that didn't necessarily win their conference but they got hot in the tournament."