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SEC Coaches Quick Hits

Gene Chizik says Tigers responded during 35-27 win over South Carolina: "Again, coming down from (13) points at one point two weeks in a row against two really, really good football teams. They have the word respond that we use a lot. Our guys have just responded. It is not always pretty. There are a lot of things as we look back on it are not good. These guys are fighting, clawing and scratching and trying to find a way to win every week. That's just so much appreciative as me being the head coach and all the assistants as well because we know these guys go to fight for Auburn and they fight for us and they fight for their teammates."

Nick Saban explains tale of two halves in 24-20 win at Arkansas: "Our inexperience in adjusting to [Arkansas'] motion and formations -- all the things we practiced -- we made mistakes. I'm talking about the most basic things. There's so many young guys playing."

"We were much more aggressive [in the second half]. We were so afraid to make mistakes in the first half that we got so vanilla. But that was the gameplan, to go out and be aggressive."

"I take away [from the game] a tale of two cities. Great job by our guys in the second half ... That [first] half was really not a good half of football, and I really don't want the players to put it behind them. I want them to remember what it's like to not play the way you're capable of playing."

Mark Richt talks about 0-3 UGA in the SEC: “I never would have predicted it, but that’s where we’re at. We’ve just got to make sure that everything we’re doing is the right thing to do and that we’re doing it well. I’ve just got to make sure—that’s just part of my job as head coach. I’m responsible for everything that happens. I’ve got to make sure that every part of our football program starts to do the things that we need to do to win.”

“We’re definitely in a position that I’ve never been in as a player or a coach. . . . It’s certainly not a good place to be, but we are where we are. We’ve got to stay together, and I’ve seen no signs of change in my mindset that we’re a close-knit family.But we’ve also got to look within, starting with me, as to the things that have kept us from having the success that we want. That’s what we’re going to do.”

Vols beat UAB in OT, but Dooley very frustrated: “We just kept fighting. That’s the only thing we did well. We didn’t tackle. We didn’t line up right. We blew coverages. We didn’t catch. We didn’t run routes right. We didn’t do anything right. “We did nothing well except we kept on fighting, and that’s what gave us a chance.”

(Says UAB was superior than Vols) “It looked like two equal teams out there. Actually, it really didn’t. It looked like one superior team out there.”

Houston Nutt says Fresno State head coach Pat Hill surprised by how hard Rebels played: “Our guys played hard. The first thing Pat Hill said to me was that he did not expect us to play that hard. If you don’t play hard against a team like them then you will get beat. They are a good football team. I am really proud of this win.”

Dan Mullen compliments offensive coordinator Les Koenning: “He called a great game tonight. I called one play tonight and it was the reverse pass play that ended up being an interception. Ryan Clark is supposed to watch over me and make sure I do not make stupid calls, and I turned to him after that one and said ‘Do not let me make decisions like that." 

“They came out tonight and never stopped believing. We finally made those plays tonight that you have to make to win the game. Our players had a lot of faith tonight. They had faith in our program, in our coaches, and in each other. This was a really big win for us tonight. We had a great atmosphere tonight because of our great fans. They really showed up tonight and helped us win that ballgame. We need to win those games if we are going to compete in the SEC. You have to win at home if you want to play in the SEC, and you have to create a tough environment where other teams do not want to play.”

Urban Meyer becomes sixth fastest coach to reach 100 career wins: "I'm very blessed. Some of the coaches that I know haven't had the chance to coach the kind of players that I've been able to coach at Florida, the kind of people. So I feel very humbled and very fortunate to be in a position to reach that many wins."

Les Miles evaluates the Tigers following 20-14 win over West Virginia: "We can run the football well. We didn't throw it as well as we would have liked. Our quarterback play has got to get better. It's just that simple. Our guys know it. We are going to work on it. We'll start yet again on Monday."

Bobby Petrino talks about 24-20 loss to Alabama: “We just couldn’t find a way to win in the 4th quarter. We had the opportunity and just couldn’t get it done. That final drive was a good drive for Alabama. Our problem was that we couldn’t get them off the field, especially on third down. That last drive was like eight minutes long and they just made the plays in the end.”

Quoting Steve Spurrier after 35-27 loss at Auburn: “We couldn’t run very well. Their defensive line pretty much got the best of us most of the time.” 

“It was there to be won, but we couldn’t get it done.” 

“They played pretty much a soft cover-2 all night.”