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SEC Media Day news and notes: Full coverage of day 2

Yesterday we put together a list of newsworthy quotes and tweets from day 1 of SEC Media Day, and today we'll do the same as we follow day 2.

The schedule today is set up as follows:

9:10am: Steve Shaw, SEC Coordinator of Officials
9:30am-12:10pm: Texas A&M Head coach Kevin Sumlin and players
9:30am-12:10pm: Kentucky Head coach Mark Stoops and players
12:20-3pm: Mississippi State Head coach Dan Mullen and players
12:20-3pm: Tennessee Head coach Butch Jones and players
3:20-6pm: Auburn Head coach Gus Malzahn and players
3:20-6pm: Arkansas Head coach Bret Bielema and players

Just like yesterday, we'll be busy updating this page throughout the day so be sure to check back to get your fix.

Texas A&M's Kevin Sumlin:

On moving forward from 2012:"As a team, we've got to hit the reset button from last year."

On sending four assistant coaches to head coaching positions: "In my five years of being a head coach we've been very, very fortunate to have a number of head coaches to come out of our program. Of all the things we've been able to accomplish, I'm really, really proud of that. I think we've developed a culture and mindset that helped guys become head coaches."

On Kliff Kingsbury: "He's a guy that understands the game of football, understands the politics of the position. He's going to grow, just like I am in my sixth year. He's been able to talk to me a bunch of times about things that happen because there's no handbook for this job."

On managing distractions: "As a coach, it's important for you to set the tone and not wide the wave up and down."

On being a head coach: "There's no handbook for this job. Things come up that are outside of football."

On advice from Joe Tiller back when Sumlin was an assistant: ""Joe Tiller told me a long time ago, he said, 'Kevin, I want you to know it's not the things, when you're an assistant, that you learn from a head coach to do. It's the mistakes you see him make, and to try to eliminate those and don't make the same mistake twice.' I told Kliff that a long time ago, and he kind of bugs me because he was writing down stuff I was saying all the time. I've made a lot of mistakes. He's been able to talk to me a bunch of times about things that happen because there's no handbook for this job. Things come up that you don't realize, that are outside of football. Your ability to handle them is based on your style or your experiences"

Kentucky's Mark Stoops:

On recruiting: "We need to expand. I thought it always made sense to work in Ohio with our proximity to southern Ohio, especially with my ties there. And then from there of course we need to work south. We all know the type of talent that's in the South."

On competing in the SEC East: "We just need to worry about ourselves. We have so much work to do."

On coaching at the same school as Kentucky basketball: "It's been great so far. Coach Cal could not be any better. He really takes the time to bring recruits in and visit with them."

On being a head coach: "Just because I'm a head coach doesn't mean I'm an expert on offense."

Mississippi State's Dan Mullen: 

On competing for the SEC title:"As you consistently win, at that point you're going to have the opportunity to go on and take the next steps." 

On job security: "Being an SEC coach and job security don't exactly go hand in hand. It's year five and I'm amazed that I'm still here."

On expectations: Mullen said that eight wins is now the expectation at MSU, and the key to getting over that hump is how his guys respond after losses.

Tennessee's Butch Jones:

On being uptempo: "We want to make conditioning a factor. Our practices are controlled chaos."

On his first few practices of fall camp: "I've got the first five practices scripted and I've probably gone over them 130 times."

On his first SEC media day: "When the SEC does something, it's a spectacle." 

One the competition he sees in the SEC: "Everday in the SEC is like 4th and 1 in the National Championship game. That's what makes this conference the best."

On practice: "Players enjoy coming to practice. Practice is like recess. That's where leadership and toughness are born."

On what makes a good coach: "The mark of a good coach is molding their personnel to what they want to do."

Jones mentioned that as a team, they've lost 260 pounds of fat since last season.

On his 1 second rule: "Your life can change in one second. Positively or negatively."

On social media: "One bad tweet can change everyone's opinion of you. If you can put it in an email to your grandma, mother, or girlfriend, then you can hit send."

Auburn's Gus Malzahn:

On the idea that fast paced offenses are unsafe: "When I first heard that I thought it was a joke."

More on the fast paced offenses: "If anything, we should look at the defense faking injuries. That's the integrityof the game."

Malzahn noted that he would be "very pleased" if they could get a play off every 8 or 9 seconds and aims to be the fastest paced team in the country.

On leadership: Malzahn said that if the coaches have to lead the team, something is wrong. Players should lead the team. Believes that there is something special about moving players back into the dorms in an effort to build camraderie.

On staff: "It was important to me to have some Auburn guys around that understand it."

Arkansas' Bret Bielema:

On his style of play: "We're going to be a normal American football team." He notes that they want to run for 200 yareds and pass for 200 yards per game.

On his SEC comments: "Everything I saw good about the SEC, people get pissed, and vice versa. I'm really in a quandary here."

Bielema was asked about Malzahn's comments about the safety of up tempo offenses being thought of as a joke initially, and his response was simply "I'm not a comedian."

 On the safety of his players: "I am not a scientist, but this is no joke. If you want to play hurry up, I don't care. I'll play ya. But I'm concerned."

On his defensive philosophy: "That little brown ball is everything, so we'll attack in a real fanatical way."

Bielema noted that they will move into their new football operations facility on Monday.

On the coaching turnover at Arkansas: "Scars are a daily reminder of the things you persevered through. They've had three coaches in three years. Hopefully at the end of the year they like me best."

On the importance of reruiting Texas: "We may have 6-8 coaches in Texas at any given time."

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