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SEC media day quotes: Dan Mullen

A few notable quotes below from Dan Mullen during his SEC presser.

-On first conference opponent Auburn: "That first conference game is critical. That first conference game really sets the tone, no matter who you are playing. You are looking at a two-game swing with that one game. It's huge for us to find a way to win that first game and put ourselves in position, hopefully, to make a run at an SEC championship."

-Mullen was asked about his favorite Mississippi State billboard that he's seen, and he answers by referencing the one that pictures three Miss Mississippi's ringing cow bells above their heads.

-On the atmosphere in Starkville: "Starkville is one of the best college towns in the country."

-On the importance of bowl games: "Winning a bowl is a great educational opportunity. I hope we don't lose any of the traditions and what makes college football special."

-On new uniforms: "If having new uniforms makes us play harder, I'm all in. Whatever gets our kids to play hard."

-On struggling against the top teams in th SEC West division: "We've had the opportunity to beat every one of those teams. The big difference is we have to make those game-winning plays. Three of those teams have won the national championship."

-On the progress they have made as a program: "We're not very far off from a national title."

-Mullen hopes to "win a lot early" because the end of their schedule includes a rough stretch against Alabama, Texas A&M, LSU, Arkansas and Ole Miss.