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SEC media day quotes: Derek Dooley

A few notes from Derek Dooley's time at the podium.

-On the improvements that he's seen during the off season: "You're not gonna have Tennessee to kick around anymore."

-On the improvements in personnel since last season: "We have experience, and we're deeper than we've ever been. We're more talented in many ways. Biggest thing is maturity."

-On the struggles at Tennessee over the past few seasons: "It's been a tough four years in Tennessee. I know the SEC has enjoyed taking advantage of our tough times."

-"We certainly feel that we now have a team that can go toe-to-toe with anyone in the league. You couldn't say that the last two years."

-On if players seem to be liking the addition of Sal Sunseri as defensive coordinator: "Yeah, but they don't have a choice. Sal's pretty imposing."