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SEC media day quotes: Gary Pinkel

Here's a few quick hitters from Gary Pinkel, and Missouri's first SEC media day.

-Pinkel noted that continuity within the staff has been extremely important in building the Mizzou program and will help as they all adjust to new recruiting areas a competition.

-On good friend Nick Saban: "He'll probably go down as one of the greatest coaches in college football history...and he should."

-On the criticism they have heard coming from the Big 12: "People act like we play bunch of high school teams. We played in a pretty good league."

-On meeting SEC coaches and commissioner Mike Slive the first time at a SEC meeting: ""It was, Hi, how are you guys doing? Let's go to work.”

-On where reporters should go to eat when coming to Columbia: "I'd get in big trouble for answering that one. Why don't you email the city's restaurant association or something."

-Pinkel says that players going back to their home towns and sharing their great experiences at Mizzou with their high school coaches and other players is one of the best, and underrated, recruiting tools that they have.

-Receiver TJ Moe was asked about offensive coordinator David Yost and shared the following: "He sees something he likes and we're running it next day. He'll see something in a Little League game and steal it."