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SEC media day quotes: Gene Chizik

A handful of media day quotes from Gene Chizik.

-Chizik opened things up by thanking fans and the media for support for victims following the Auburn shooting.

-On the new playoff format: "It was well thought out and it's going to bring a lot of excitement...Really a fine job."

-On opening up with Clemson: "We have big time games like that all the time. It's a great opening game and we are looking forward to it."

-On the criticism of Texas A&M and Missouri are hearing coming into the new conference: "I don't think a lot of people are giving Texas A&M and Missouri near the credit they deserve. These are two dang good teams with dang good coaches."

-"Missouri and Texas A&M aren't coming to the SEC with their hat in their hand. They're coming here to compete and you can bank on it."

-Chizik notes that the Senior class has averaged 10 wins a year.