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SEC media day quotes: Hugh Freeze

A few quick hitters from Hugh Freeze's first SEC media day:

-On his track to Ole Miss: ""My track is not the normal track to get to this point, I realize that. I'm a realist."

-How he views Oxford as a recruiting tool: "Newsweek just ranked Oxford as the #1 college town in America. Recruits see it as a place that's very happy....If you want to tweet that out, that'd be great."

-On Spurrier's Ole Miss comments: "We will circle that date and I look forward to changing his perspective."

-Freeze notes that about 60% of the team has bought in, and they need about 80% to buy in to have a fighting chance.

-On if the team hearing that the staff is focused on "leading them out of the wilderness" sends the wrong message to the team: "Where we are is documented on ESPN and everywhere else. What we tell players is how we're going to change it."

-Freeze says a large part of playing Memphis is recruiting and getting fans to pack their stadium like a home game, plus it's cheap travel for the program and is close enough for players parents to make the trip.

-On the responsibility of quarterbacks coach Dan Werner: "Dan Werner's sole responsibility is to develop coaches for Ole Miss" 

-On extending the season for a playoff: "I was a big proponent of keeping the bowl system in place. I wasn't a fan of extending the season. It's a grind now."

-On the strength of schedule "It is what it is...We're going to play it."