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SEC media day quotes: James Franklin

James Franklin took the podium as the last coach of the day. Below are a few notes from his appearance.

-Coming back for year two was very different for Franklin. Last season he said he walked around and nobody stopped him to talk. This year, walking around was a very different experience. 

-Franklin believes that replacing starters on defense is a much easier task than replacing offensive starters because if your on the two deep as a defensive lineman, chances are you got quite a few snaps. That's not always true on the offensive side of the ball.

-On their recruiting success. "For the right kid from the right family, we're a right fit for everybody"he added, "If your truly one of the best and the brightest, where else would you go?"

-On how difficult it is to sell the Vanderbilt brand because of their past struggles and limited winning tradition: "Maybe you've understand that, but kids don't look at it like that. Once we get kids on campus we've got an outstanding chance of landing him" Franklin explained. "As adults, a lot of times we focus on the past, but these kids are looking at the future."

-On their recruiting strategy: "We aren't going to be a team that get's intoxicated by talent"

-On the success of last season: "We had probably just enough success to whet their appetite. They are working really hard right now."

-"We're very process oriented, not goal oriented at Vanderbilt, and that's how we have been since day one"

-On what phase of the process he is in now that everyone has bought in: "This year we believe, the players believe, the coaches believe. last year, we thought we could do some good things, this year we believe we can do some things."

-On what he has had to do to spread the Vanderbilt message: "I have not said no to a speaking engagement yet. If it's going to a little kid's birthday party and blowing up balloons in the back yard, I'm willing to do it to to spread our message"