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SEC media day quotes: Joker Phillips

A few quick hitters from Joker Phillips' time at the podium during SEC media day:

-Joker opened up talking about their recruiting strategy and how they mirror the same philosophy that he used under Glen Mason at Minnesota: "Take long, lean athletes, bring them into your program an watch them grow."

-On if being in the shadow of the basketball program helps or hurts in recruiting: "I’m selling our basketball program. I would be crazy to try to fight that...We wanna hitch our wagon to our basketball program."

-Phillips added that John Calipari is more than willing to help out in any way that he can. That includes opening their locker room recruits for big games and talking to recruits and their families a half hour before tip off, and last week calling Joker to talk to a football recruit that on speaker phone five minutes before the Dominican national team that he's coaching took the floor.

-On handling the possibility of being on the "hot seat": "I’m not sitting down right now so there’s nothing hot."