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SEC media day quotes: Nick Saban

Nick Saban kicked things off today at the final round of coaching interviews at SEC media day. Plenty of notable content below.

-On success: "It's human nature to relax after success. Success should be defined as consistency in performance."

-On attention to detail: "The most important things we learned is you have to stay on top of the little things. Things don't happen by accident, you have to make them happen."

-On what will define the 2012 team. "This team will be defined by what it does, not by what it's done."

-On how he is different as a coach than he was 5 years ago: "As a coach we learn things all the time, from other people, from being a good listener, adapting to technology...I don't think the core values of what is important to be successful have changed at all."

-On sideline apparel after mentioning that Spurrier is one of the older coaches that he looks up to: "I considered wearing a visor, but I was afraid throwing it."

-Saban says that opening up with an opponent like Michigan helps players focus and enhances preparation and work ethic in the off season.

-On if a 9 game SEC schedule would make it harder to win a national title: "The #1 priority should be that every player has the opportunity to play every SEC team during his career...Everyone has a self absorbed opinion about why we should'nt do it."

-Saban on attutide of team defending a national title: "Good is not good enough. It has to be special."

-Saban on playoff criteria and people talking about needing to be a conference champion to make it in: "Anyone making a statement about conference champions is really making a statement against the SEC and any other conference that has more than one team good enough to play for the national title."