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SEC media day quotes: John L. Smith

A few notes from John L. Smith below.

-On the goal for the season: "Our goal is to win in Miami. Our goal is to win a national championship."

-On his reception upon returning to Arkansas as head coach: "I had to wipe tears away because of the reception I got."

-On the senior class: "The energy around the players has been exceptional. Our senior class is exceptional. They took the little adversity they had, came together and said 'We are going to be better because of it.'"

-On if he want's to be the Arkansas coach beyond this year: "Well sure. Do I look stupid? Don't answer that."

-On the addition of Missouri to the conference: "It's a natural geographical rival for us. I see that developing into a big rivalry for us and hopefully for Missouri."

-On his growth as a coach since his head coaching stint at Michigan State: "I've grown as a coach. I try not to take anything for granted."