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SEC media day quotes: Will Muschamp

Will Muschamp starts off today's round of coaches at day 2 of SEC media day.

-On offensive coordinator Brent Pease: "He's a guy that has been on my radar for a while, he brings a lot to the table"

-On what will be different offensively: "Well, we'd better score some more points."

-On finishing near the bottom of the country (113th) in turnover margin: "It's a minor miracle we won seven games."

-On Missouri's offense: "Offensively they're exotic. They're a tough preparation for your defense."

-While at Texas, Mack Brown told Muschamp that every job is different, and has its own circumstances and shared the following advice: "You've got to work yourself into the job when you get there."

-Muschamp noted that Texas A&M ran an impressive 106 plays in their spring game.

-On their recruiting base at Florida: "You've got a great recruiting base. Within a 300-mile radius, you can win your league."

-On not banning players from using Twitter: "Freedom of speech is one of the great things we have."