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Seinfeld's co-creator thinks he has the makings of an NFL coordinator

If you're a fan of the pop culture classics "Seinfield" or "Curb Your Enthusiasm", the name Larry David is quite familiar. If you're not a fan of either show, first of all you're missing out big time, and secondly, David gained his fame as the co-creator of "Seinfeld" before starring himself in the equally hilarious "Curb Your Enthusiasm".

Apparently, that isn't where David's talents end. He also thinks he has what it takes to be a coordinator at the NFL level.

“If they gave me a chance, I could turn the fortunes of an NFL team around,” David said during an appearance on Rich Eisen's Podcast. “There's no doubt in my mind. I write stories, so why couldn't I draw up a play? What's harder? I think a lot of writers could be offensive coordinators. I know I could do it.”

While David has no football experience that we're aware of, he would rival Mike Leach, Les Miles, and Steve Spurrier in terms of pure entertainment value during a press conference. With that in mind, he shares a few of his coaching philosophies in an article with CBS Sports that are quite entertaining.

He's from the Kevin Kelley school of fourth down thought process: “You know what else I am? I'm a fourth down guy. I'm going on fourth. Think about this. Two-minute drives -- why are they always so successful? Why do these teams always score on two-minute drives? Because they use four downs, that's why. If it's 4th-and-40 I'll punt, OK? But my philosophy is we've got four downs. Go with your four downs.”

On the biggest mistake that he witnesses coordinators make: “Here's the big mistake on defense, they play these zones. They leave these big seams. So you see the players and they're like, ‘There's a guy here and there's a guy here, so I'm gonna go in the middle and go like this!' And the quarterback, who can throw a ball 100 mph, goes, ‘Oh look, I've got a guy open.'”

No running back checkdowns in his defense: “With me, I'm back in the schoolyard. I've got him, who do you got? If I'm the defensive coordinator, you're not gonna see a running back out in the slot waiting as a safety valve when the quarterback can't find a receiver. There's not gonna be a safety valve in a David defense. You know why? That guys gonna be covered. You won't have linebackers just standing around in a zone.”

If you're a coordinator, especially in the NFL, our feeling is that you shouldn't need to be too worried about Larry David coming in to interview for your job. Just a hunch.

Read the full take from CBS Sports here.