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Seven NFL coaches have come and gone. Where they've been and where they're going

Nearly half of the National Football League's 32 head coaches have turned over in the last two years. The aftermath of the 2012 and 2013 seasons have seen 15 coaching changes at 14 different clubs (the Cleveland Browns double-dipped). 

It's hard to get a job in this cutthroat league. Once you do get a job, it's hard to keep it. And, as we'll see, if you happen to lose that job, it's hard to jump back in. After taking a look at the hiring cycles in FBS and FCS, we close up shop on the year-in-review series with the NFL.

Of the seven incoming coaches...

FIVE served as NFL coordinators (Jim Caldwell, Jay Gruden, Mike Pettine, Ken Whisenhunt and Mike Zimmer)

ONE was temporarily out of coaching (Lovie Smith)

ONE was plucked from the college ranks (Bill O'Brien)

Breaking things down a little further...

THREE became NFL head coaches for a second time (Caldwell, Smith and Whisenhunt), and

FOUR are stepping into their first NFL head coaching gigs (Gruden, O'Brien, Pettine and Zimmer)

Now where is where things get ugly.

Of the seven outgoing coaches...

ONE has found work as an NFL coordinator (Leslie Frazier)

ONE is back in the league as a position coach (Mike Munchak), and

FIVE are (at the moment) out of coaching (Rob Chudzinski, Gary Kubiak, Greg Schiano, Jim Schwartz and Mike Shanahan)

That number is likely to go down as the soil shifts in the NFL coaching landscape over the next few weeks but, yeah, the NFL can be a brutal win-or-go-home business. 


2013 Coach

2014 Coach

Cleveland Browns 

Rob Chudzinski 

Mike Pettine

Detroit Lions

Jim Schwartz

Jim Caldwell

Houston Texans 

Gary Kubiak

Bill O'Brien

Minnesota Vikings

Leslie Frazier

Mike Zimmer

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Greg Schiano

Lovie Smith

Tennessee Titans

Mike Munchak

Ken Whisenhunt

Washington Redskins 

Mike Shanahan

Jay Gruden