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Several coaches take blame for Saturday losses

Joe Paterno says Nittany Lions “stunk” in loss to Illinois: "We stunk. I did a lousy job. I thought we were ready, we just didn't play very well. I could make a million excuses. We didn't stay on our blocks, we didn't have a good day throwing the ball, we didn't go a great job play-calling. We did a lousy job."

Randy Shannon takes blame for loss to FSU: "My fault. I'm not going to blame the kids. ... We weren't ready."

Larry Porter takes blame for Memphis 56-0 loss at Louisville: "I burden this loss. We have to get it out of our football program. It's here one week, it's here the next, and that doesn't sit well with me at all. That's when you have to strongly assess what's going on, and it starts with me. There's just no room for guys giving up or feeling sorry for yourself, and I won't allow it to happen.”

Mike Locksley on if this is the low point for New Mexico football: “I only know Lobo football for the two years that I’ve been here. Obviously, it’s a definite low point for me and the program under my regime.”

Derek Dooley says Vols just aren’t very good: “Our growing pains reared their ugly head today. [Georgia] started drives on our side of the field, and we didn’t handle that well. We are just not stopping anybody right now. I’m not sure if that’s just growing pains. I just think we are not very good right now.”

Interesting quote from Baylor head coach Art Briles following loss to Texas Tech: “I’m not into playing exciting games, and neither are our players. We’re into winning football games. We didn’t win. We came to win. We prepared to win. It didn’t happen.”

Lane Kiffin disappointed after 37-35 loss at Stanford: "This is the second week in a row that we lost like this. I thought we could have pulled it out, so that was disappointing."

Al Groh humbled by post-game affection from Virginia players: "There were so many players immediately coming up to me after the game that I was just happy to thank each and every one of them,"

"One of the things that, besides the competition and winning games, one thing that we think we are able to do (as coaches) is touch lives and do something to make (players') lives better. For them to come over, it was very confirming that I have the opportunity to keep them in my life and that they want to keep me in their lives. ... Those rings and watches, you can put away, but those relationships, they never tarnish."