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Shannon: UM players in awe of D-Wade & A-Rod, won't be of The Horseshoe

During a Tuesday afternoon press conference, Randy Shannon described this week’s game at Ohio State as just another game.

Shannon also thinks his players won't be in awe of the atmosphere, citing Miami players see guys like A-Rod, D-Wade, and the Wayans brothers.

Asked if his players would be in awe of the traditions at Ohio State once inside The Horseshoe, Shannon responded, “I’m not sure but I don’t think so. I think the thing that when you’ve been at Miami, that you see so much, you see a lot of traditions in small towns and little cities like Ohio State, Florida, like guys like you mentioned Tim, but it’s not enamored with it because when you see when you go out you may see an Alex Rodriguez, or one of the Wayans brothers down, and you may see Dwayne Wade. Those are like big name guys. When you go to places like Ohio State, Michigan, places like that…it’s great to play there, but you’ve been in awe already, and I think it kind of helps us out being in Miami that you’ve been in those situations.”

“It’s just another game. It’s no different. They are going to be ready to play. They (UM players) were excited about playing Florida A&M. The great teams always have the mentality of ‘I got to play to my standards.’”

“The difference will be probably be the noise crowd. You can no matter what happens, you can’t assimilate that in practice at all. I mean, that’s just totally different. That will probably be a factor, but it won’t last long because all the matters is what happens on the field after that.”